Naveeta Sawh-Bolton

Naveeta Sawh-Bolton

Naveeta Sawh-Bolton

- Special Counsel

Naveeta is from Trinidad and Tobago where she was admitted to practise as an Attorney-at-Law in 1999. She worked in Trinidad as an Attorney-at-Law at the office of the Attorney General, as In House Counsel at an environmental agency and then in private practice. She continued to practice in Trinidad until she decided to be admitted as a Barrister in England and Wales in 2009. She then joined Chambers in London where she practised until emigrating to New Zealand at the end of 2016 with her kiwi husband.
Her practice areas include commercial & regulatory cases, contractual disputes, public law, negligence and health & safety. She has a particular interest in dispute resolution by mediation or arbitration and holds a Master of Laws Degree in International Trade and Investment Arbitration and Dispute Resolution from Queen Mary, University of London.

Naveeta Q and A

  1. How would you describe your style of practice or your approach to dealing with clients?

I am approachable and friendly but professional. I have a very solution based and pragmatic style of practice. I believe there is an answer to any question and that it is my duty to find it.


  1. If you had a single piece of advice to give a person in relation to commercial property acquisitions what would it be?

Do not sign anything before you obtain legal advice and ensure you have a good supportive team around you from a legal and accounting perspective.


  1. What has had the biggest impact on how you practice law over recent years?

The biggest impact is technology with online legal resources. I have been lucky to practice in different jurisdictions and have been able at times to work in essentially what I call a virtual office while I travel. I can access legal research and precedents from anywhere in the world and have been able to work anywhere from a train station to an airport and on flights with wifi. Getting work related emails on my mobile and the popularity of skype conferences has made practice very fluid. It also means that because of technology, I can be available to my clients at any time and from anywhere.


  1. When you are not being a lawyer what do you like doing most?

I don’t think we can ever not be lawyers as I consider this a vocation and not simply a job but that said, I love to travel and I absolutely love to cook. I have started writing a recipe book (of sorts) for my daughter. Spending time with my family however is at the top of my list.


  1. Who gave you the best piece of advice in relation to your legal career and what was it?

“There is no glass ceiling for you. Nothing is impossible. You can achieve anything you set your mind to” – My Father.


  1. What is your favourite quote?

“Love the life you live. Live the life you love” – Bob Marley

Naveeta Sawh-Bolton