Patrick Rozendaal

Patrick Rozendaal

Patrick Rozendaal

BA., LL.B. - Solicitor

Patrick started as a Solicitor with the HomeLegal team in August 2017.  After his admission in June 2016 Patrick commenced practising with Hammond Law in Northland.    He is Wellington born and raised, attended Scots College and attended Victoria University.

Patrick Q and A

1. How would you describe your style of law/practice or your approach to dealing with clients?

I like to focus on the issues and what clients want to achieve so that we’re on the same page.  I also like to be well-organised so that I’m always in the driver’s seat.

2. If you had a single piece of advice to give a person in relation to buying or selling property what would it be?

Don’t rush into things; see a lawyer before signing anything.  Also, take the time to do your homework and your due diligence so that you’re not left with a problem that may have been avoided.

3. What has had the biggest impact on how you practice law over recent years?

Technology is always advancing and it streamlines everything we do.

4. When you are not being a lawyer what do you like doing most?

I love playing and watching sports, especially hockey (goalkeeper) and rugby (lock or flanker).  I love being outdoors (particularly at the beach) or going to the gym.   I also enjoy brushing up on languages that I already know (French, Spanish, Romanian and Sign Language) and learning new phrases in other languages.  I also enjoy graphic design (Photoshop) and digitally creating new music (using loops and samples).

5. Who gave you the best piece of advice in relation to your legal career and what was it?

A senior legal executive taught me that files should always be well-organised so that if something arises, I don’t have to try to organise myself and can instead tackle the problem because I’m already prepared.

6. What is your favourite quote?

“il en faut peu pour être heureux” – it’s a line from the French version of The Jungle Book’s “Bare Necessities”.  It translates to English as “you need little to be happy”.

7. If you weren’t a lawyer, what would you be?

Probably a translator or a diplomat, because I love languages.

Patrick Rozendaal