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Elder Law

Keeping the future in mind with ElderLaw

Our ElderLaw team is a specialist division set up by Gillespie Young Watson to cater specifically to the needs of those who are nearing or who have reached retirement.

If you are nearing or have reached retirement you should have a full review of your affairs conducted. We have designed a review process that ensures your legal affairs are optimised in terms of your estate planning and any entitlement you may have to residential care support.

Links of Interest

Elder Family Matters
Elder Family Matters provides personalised in-home care and assistance to the elderly.

Retirement Village Legislation
This link takes you to the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment – responsible for administering the retirement villages legislation and providing information to operators of villages, residents and intending residents.

Ministry of Social Development – Entitlements
This link is another to the Ministry of Social Development but provides information regarding discounts available with a Super Gold Card, and assistance available for living costs etc.