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Commercial Law

Looking after your business

Our lives are inextricably bound up with the commercial world. Commercial relationships whether they be business to business or business to consumer give rise to a need for a wide range of commercial legal services. Whether it is the terms of trade for the supply of goods and services, the structuring and governance of companies, partnerships and other business owning entities, the sale and purchase of businesses and equipment, the licensing of intellectual property, franchising and the resolution of commercial disputes all come within the broad ambit of commercial law.

When you are entering into commercial arrangements it is imperative that you put in place structures and documents that achieve your intended commercial outcomes. This is the case whether it is a contract for supply of goods and services, and agreement for sale and purchase of businesses, acquisition of shares, formation of a company, partnership agreements or any of the myriad of other commercial relationships.

One of the obstacles confronting clients requiring commercial law advice is that they do not know what they do not know. Our outcome focused service provides focused pragmatic commercial law advice. We know what is required in terms of the structure and drafting of documents, we are used to dealing with the cut and thrust of commercial negotiations, we know the best strategies for achieving particular legal outcomes.

As your trusted professional adviser we will work with you and your other advisors to ensure you get what you want and what you need so that you can carry on your business with confidence and assurance that the legal side of your commercial affairs are in order.

Starting your own business?

Click here to download our practical guide for people starting their own business. Whether your buying an existing enterprise or starting your business from scratch our guide can teach you the fundamentals of getting started and ins and outs of the process.