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House Buying & Selling

Buying and selling a property

Buying and selling property is the most significant financial decision for most of us. One study showed that it can be more stressful for the participants than divorce or a bereavement. Most buyers and sellers only participate in this process a handful of times in their lives. The best lawyers deal with many transactions every week. It is critical that you are well represented by someone who is very familiar with buying and selling properties. Property comes in different forms (residential, commercial or industrial) and lawyers have different skill sets. You will want someone who is experienced in acting for sellers, owners and buyers of the relevant form of property.

Experienced lawyers not only advise on the current transaction but will also provide strategic advice about potential future risks. That advice will ensure that you are well advised before you make a large financial and legal commitment. This is illustrated by the fact that real estate agents are obliged to refer buyers and sellers to lawyers before they sign any agreements. It is much more economical to spend money with lawyers before you enter into the agreement than it is to have to engage lawyers when everything has gone wrong.

If you would like to discuss buying or selling a property with one of our specialist property lawyers contact Michael Hofmann-Body.