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Selling a Business

Selling a Business

People Sell a business for many reasons including moving on with their next adventure or retirement and realising the value of years of hard work establishing a business.

The Sale and purchase agreement needs careful consideration to make sure the right provisions are included so that as a seller you are protected. Our team will help advise you on your obligations and make the sale as smooth as possible.

Amongst the work your lawyer will assist you with is;

  • Reviewing Sale and Purchase Agreements;
  • Reviewing existing contracts and agreements and how these can be exited form or transferred to the purchaser;
  • Reviewing existing leasing arrangements and arranging the assignment of leases including advice on any ongoing liability;
  • Repaying any debts secured by the assets of the business include trade creditors, banks and asset lenders. If you are considering buying or selling a business contact Sam Walker who would be happy to have a no obligation chat with you.