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Property Law

Making property transactions happen

The ownership and occupation of property are a fundamental cornerstone of modern society. The value of the assets involved and the length of time rights and entitlements will continue to exist have given rise to a complex body of law surrounding property. It is a specialist area.

Whether you are buying or selling residential commercial or industrial property, leasing or renting commercial buildings, unit titling or subdividing land and creating easements experienced specialist legal advice is an imperative.

Our specialist property lawyers have extensive experience in assisting clients with all of their property requirements.

Our commercial property lawyers act on the full range of property transactions from modest commercial investments through to inner-city high-rise buildings and industrial sites. Each brings their own special requirements.

Our commercial leasing lawyers act for a range of landlords from New Zealand’s largest privately owned landlord to one-off retirement property investments. Commercial leases are very important documents as they have to govern the landlord tenant relationship out into the future and need to survive changes of both landlord and tenant. We have extensive experience drafting lease documents to suit the particular requirements of the property.

For many people their house purchase will be the biggest financial transaction and investment of their lives. Many years ago we set up a specialist residential conveyancing division called HomeLegal. It provides a dedicated, differentiated and high-quality conveyancing service. HomeLegal is now is one of, if not the, leading providers of conveyancing services in the greater Wellington region. For conveyancing assistance please visit HomeLegal’s website here.

Our specialist property lawyers are available to assist with all aspects of property law.