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Best things to look out for at an open home

So, you’ve done some Trade me searching and you’ve found a property that you’re interested in. Now you’re off to an open home!
An open home can be a daunting process. There is often lots of potential buyers walking through the property, and a limited amount of time to view it. However, an open home is a great chance to get a feel of the house and to see if you can see yourself living there (insert family photo here).

So what do you do at an open home?

First take your shoes off, then make sure you have a good look around (without being to nosey). Open cupboards, check the shower pressure, and look for any indication of mold or moisture at the property. Try to imagine how the sun will move through the house. You want to ask yourself, does the property tick the boxes of what you’re looking for or does it have the potential to become a great DIY project.

Outside and surroundings

It is also important to have a wander around the outside of the property. Check the neighboring properties, building materials, drainage, access and paths. It is important to identify any potential issues that could be a money drainer. It is a good idea to have a drive by of the area you’re looking to buy in, check nearby public transport, parking, school zones, coffee shops and anything that might affect the value of the property.

Questions to ask

If you like the look of the property ask the agent some key questions. What is the seller’s price expectation? When are offers due by? Anything to disclose about the property? Also, ask the agent to send you through any documents they’re providing i.e. Agreement for sale and purchase, record of title, LIM or a builder’s report. You should then send the documents through to your solicitor to check over before you submit your offer

Happy house hunting.

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